Tuesday, May 12, 2009

paper sculpture

Here are the paper sculptures I tried out today at work. I was inspired by the newest issue of Somerset Studios. I was thinking of using them with one of my art therapy groups - but I'm not sure yet. They are very time intensive and may prove very frustrating. But they sure are pretty!
I adapted the instructions somewhat and just improvised. The first one is all white - my first flower. I used the stylus as it said in the instructions to form the "petals." The second one I started by sketching and then watercoloring an image of a flower and then cut out the petals. Then I cut out additional petals as needed, bent them to form the petals and glued them all down.
Happy Monday!


Heather said...

These are great. I love paper sculpture. It combines my love of paper and 3D art!

toners said...

Emily, these are beautiful!! They'd be gorgeous on a card or canvas :)


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