Saturday, May 16, 2009

CKC finds

Thought I'd post about my finds from CKC-Manchester yesterday! I started at Dollar Scrapbooking's booth - my favorite for three years because I can usually find a lot very inexpensively. Have to sort through a lot of things I don't want though. Every time I go to these it is so tempting to just buy things without thinking but now I ask myself if I really want it and will I use it! Also picked up some things at a few other random booths. One of which (I can't remember the name!) also had a lot of my finds for $1-$4. Then I picked up a page set at a smaller local store's booth Scrapbooker's Dream.

All my finds! All-in-all I only spent around $40 - my budget!

From A Scrapbooker's Dream: My Mind's Eye - Penny Lane. I loved this paper and embellishments! The rub-on tree is what caught my eye initially and then the bird. Now...what to use it for?

Heidi Swapp chipboard alphas. My favorite! Dollarscrapbooking had them for $1.50 and they were buy 3 get one free! I LOVE these. I got a few last year and told myself I'd buy more this year. I especially like the raw chipboard set because you can really make them to fit your page perfectly and try out different finishes.

These were my first find. I told Cary about them last night (he's in Maine) and he was teasing me...saying "are you going to make a scrapbook about them!" I said, "no...I'll make one about YOU!" I just loved them!
So there were my finds. I had hoped to find some more clear stamp sets but I didn't really come across any that were significantly discounted. Anyhow, I had fun putting my new treats away last night and purging some old stuff. I think my desk is finally back in some order and I can start working. I have been keeping many things still in the ziplocs in my desk (don't ask) for awhile. But that actually makes it easier if I want to grab a bunch of stuff to work.
Well..I'm off. No scrapbooking for awhile. At least this am. Off to the laundromat to wash blankets, the bank and later meeting friends for lunch/dinner and our fundraiser at a local Paint-your-own-pottery place.
Happy Saturday!

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NancyJones said...

ohhh i love those ci embellies. I dont need the army ones but my dad was a deputy killed in line of duty so some of those would apply. I think I will look for those. glad i saw these hehe dadgummit see you are an emabler haha


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