Sunday, April 5, 2009

my weekend

I did this for 52Q on Wednesday. The day Cary and I met with our landlord. It was such a stressful day and it was helpful to focus on this for a few minutes during lunch. It is something that I'm trying to focus on today. I cleaned the apartment -around all the bags- and tried to organize as best as I can. I took lots of pictures of my current knitting projects and recent 52Q ATC's. Missing my scrapbooking so much. I got my new issue of CK in the mail and I haven't been reading the last few issues because it makes me sad that I can't really get at my supplies.

Yesterday was so packed full of stuff. I didn't really have time to do anything for me except spend an hour in Barnes & a few books, etc. I had to make two presentations at the college yesterday for Revisit Day and grocery shopping, laundry, etc. I was going from 6am - 10pm. So much for a day off! Oh well. I got a lot done that had to be done.

But...I will be positive today. And more relaxed. Just taking my time after cleaning this am. I have my knitting circle at my LYS later today and hopefully a visit with my family.

So...let me share a bit of two projects I'm working on.

Here's the beginnings of my sweater...

As you can is really just the beginnings! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this yarn and the color. It is so soft and easy to work with.

Here's the dishcloth I started last week with the same yarn in a different color...

This is the most complicated lace I have tried to do so far. Having some trouble with it so it's slow going. The green you can see is a "lifeline"...a contrasting peice of yarn holding the stitches in a row so if I screw up I can rip it out to that point. What a wonderful inventions! I have used my lifelines many times so far!

Well...I'm off to read a few blogs, shower and go out into the nice Spring day I hear we are having. And so looking forward to Cary coming home from Guard tonight! I haven't really talked to him since Friday since he's staying in a barrack this time and the man refuses to own a cell phone. I miss him...

Happy Sunday


scrapperjen said...

I love your card - and what a wonderful reminder to stay positive!
I can't wait to see your sweater and dishcloth - what yarn are you using?

Nabeel said...

what a pretty drawing. Loved the flowers along with their stem :) Also lovely penmanship

toners said...

Great job with the 52Q! And I love that blue for the sweater you're knitting!

Sarah C. said...

Hope things are going well with apt/landlord situation.

The knitting is gorgeous! So impressed. And I really like the lifeline idea. I hadn't heard of that before, but can definitely see it come in handy. I've finally picked up my baby blanket again in the last few days. Over halfway complete...just need the time and patience to finish. Seeing your projects is great inspiration. tfs! :)


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