Monday, April 6, 2009

monday gratitudes

April 2008 - Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester, MA

Monday Gratitudes:
Today I am grateful...

  1. Cary and I just got tickets to see Sara Evans in August! We never do stuff like that.
  2. I'm going to work at the college today and it's opening day at Fenway.
  3. for my friend who I had lunch with yesterday.
  4. for the knitting group I go to on Sundays...laughing, relaxation,...
  5. for coffee.
  6. I only owe a small amount on my taxes. It could be worse. (this is a hard gratitude...I was so hoping to get money back to by a new camera...but it was my own fault/mistake)
  7. for a knitting project to focus on.
  8. that Cary is home and for his dedications and sacrifices.
  9. to have, food, love.
  10. for jelly beans...the Jelly Belly kind!

Happy Monday!


toners said...

Another great list, Emily!

We went to the Jelly Belly factory when we were in San Francisco this week :) The kids had a blast seeing all the beans in the huge containers!

scrapperjen said...

Sounds good! :)
Have a great week!
(thanks for the name of the yarn - i'll check it out)

Sarah C. said...

Great list and gorgeous photo! :)


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