Monday, April 13, 2009

monday gratitudes

Today I am grateful for...

  1. Spring flowers in the house. Tulips & Daffodils make me happy.
  2. English Muffins with butter.
  3. Starbucks coffee in my Easter basket.
  4. Piles and piles of Easter candy.
  5. A late start to my Monday.
  6. A more relaxed Monday as compared to last week.
  7. The sun.
  8. My family.
  9. Blue Willow china.
  10. My contacts.
  11. Running water.
  12. Faith.
  13. My co-workers at the college.
  14. The time I have with Cary before he goes to AL.
  15. Dishwashers.

Happy Monday!


Sarah C. said...

Beautiful photo! I enjoyed reading your list. :) Hope you are having a wonderful day!

toners said...

I loooove daffodils; when I visited England last month there were tons of them out. They remind me of home :) Great list - have a super week!


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