Sunday, April 12, 2009


tulips on my kitchen table

Sending everyone wishes for a Happy Easter. Spent some nice time with Cary and my family today. After Cary went off to work and my Dad was driving my brother back to college - I spent time with my mom and sister and watched Slumdog Millionare. Makes you feel grateful for what you have watching that movie.

Thinking of what is important.

I'm feeling nostalgic today.

Memories of childhood, Easter dresses, playing outside, first warm days of Spring. I think I have been feeling so crummy about situations lately and trying desparately to feel grateful...then guilty when the junk consumes me.

But today I feel grateful.

Grateful for the nice childhood I had and the place I can still go back to. Home. Here's my random memories of this time of year as a kid...

  • Easter dresses and white patent leather shoes...that most importantly had to make noise when I walked...a nice grown-up clicking sound on the wood floor.
  • Making mudpies for dad in my playhouse...pine-needles, water from the brook and sawdust from Dad's work made the best recipes.
  • Walks to the mill.
  • Marathon Monday at Aunt Esta's House on Windemere Road. Every year. Every year of Mom's childhood too. Patriot's Day just isnt' the same without that long ride to Newton to watch the runners and see the Aunts.
  • Raking leaves.
  • One day I remember it wasn't warm enough yet. Mom and Dad were raking leaves outside and I found the shopping bag with some new Spring/Summer clothes for me and I put them on and went outside. I wasn't supposed too...and it really wasn't warm enough. But they were so pretty and new! I'm still like that...
  • Bike rides with Rachel (my cousin and childhood best friend), playing in the brook, running around the house, picking daisies.
  • Lilacs.
  • Taking a long bike ride with Rachel from Grammy's to the local farmstand to buy a plant...rode all the way back and planted our single Impatient in the shade garden near Grammy's window. Our attempt at competing with Grandfather's amazing garden!

Wow. Time flies. What are your favorite childhood memories of this time of year?

Happy Easter and Happy Sunday!


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