Friday, March 6, 2009

letting go

I don't know why I take on other people's "stuff" so easily. Can others relate? It has to end. Today. I need to practice "letting go" this weekend. Yesterday I felt a little down about the apartment crap. Nothing new. It just gets to me some days and I feel like it will never end. Cary also left for his Guard weekend today. So I'm a little down. And junk with people in my life that I won't get into.

Letting Go.

I have decided to have a weekend where I do what I want to do. Some treats. A dessert. Maybe a new outfit or something from Sephora. Some time knitting. Some time with my family. Some time finishing my 52Q ATC's. Some time helping my dad with a cool, life story project of his. A scrapbook of sorts he is doing about his time in the Navy. He needs some scanner help.

That is the stuff that is important. Self-care. Family. Time. I don't want to focus on the junk.

Hoping to post some pictures this weekend. We are supposed to have beautiful weather here this weekend....50's. Which compared to last Monday is amazing!

Happy Friday!


toners said...

Well said!! Enjoy your "YOU" weekend!! (((hugs)))

Sarah C. said...

I feel your struggle. I worry too much about other people, their stuff, their feelings and forget my own. Sometimes we need to push all of that aside and just focus on ourselves. ((HUGS))


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