Sunday, January 18, 2009


I was tagged on Miss. M's blog to share 5 they are.
{P.S. - It was hard to limit myself to 5...that can't be good!}

To be honest, the serious addiction I have that isn't on this list, and should be, is my addiction to this very type of thing. List writing. My mother makes fun of me about it, Cary especially makes fun of this addiction. But...I chose not to include it. This action in and of itself...spells out one of my addictions!

1. Coffee. Love it. Not strong coffee. Just regular coffee with just cream or milk. I am no where near the coffee addict my mom is...but I can hold my own. This picture also kind of represents another addiction. Finding things for my home that are aqua. This started about 6 years ago. It was never a color I noticed before that but it has become a favorite.

2. Magazines. Of all kinds as you can see. I just threw out a bunch yesterday in a purging session. I only have 3 subscriptions but really should have more. I get at least 4 scrapping/art magazines a month and at least 2-3 home magazines. I love looking at them for inspiration for home and art and scrapping. In my new budget I am really trying to limit myself. But one of my favorite things is to sit with a cup of coffee (see addiction #1) and a new magazine. And...I'm embarrased to admit this but I am a little OCD about magazines. O.K. A LOT OCD. I have this thing. Before I read a magazine, I hate getting the covers and pages all bent up. It grinds on nails on a chalkboard. Wierd...I know.

3. Grocery Shopping. Definately something I am working on in my budget. I love having cabinets full of food. My mom is the same way. I also like having them organized. Cary is actually like this too so we are a good match!
4. Patterned paper. I don't have as much as some...but I LOVE it! It is really why I got into scrapping and cardmaking in the first place. The black box shown here holds scraps. I had to limit myself to this one box because I had so many. I love seeing new patterns, designs, colors, mmmm.

5. Checking my email. I check my 2 different accounts constantly. I have had to stop myself from checking school/work email when I have time off. But my own account...I check all the time. And this translates to my also checking my facebook, myspace and blog accounts too! It's bad.

This was a fun post to write!

So I'm tagging a few people to give it a pressure...if you have a chance!
1. Heather
2. Jen
3. Gabrielle
4. Sarah
5. Noelia

Continuing to work on thinking "out of this good will come." Lessening my anxieties. Focusing on what I can control. My own worries. It is snowing out and SO cold today. I was going to visit my parents and my brother who goes back to college tomorrow. But...need to see if the weather will ease up. Cary is set on having cheeseburgers tonight. All because I was watching Ultimate Recipe Showdown on Food Network yesterday and the contest was to make a variation of a cheeseburger. Now we are both craving them! I am having him stop at the store on the way home from work. I need to go grocery shopping but it will have to wait til tomorrow.

Happy Sunday!


Rachel said...

I can't beleive you are a grocery shopping addict, too!?!?!? I grew up with my Mom, NEVER skimping on groceries and I swore, I never would either! I have been to the grocery store 3 times this week! I love a well-stocked pantry!!!!!!

Linda said...

I share a couple of your addictions, pattern paper, email and magazines. When I buy a magazine at the store I will pull one from the back of the rack so that I have one that no one else has read.

DebW said...

Two things I see we both like-tomato soup and patterned paper!LOL!


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