Saturday, January 17, 2009

good will come

a reminder in my kitchen

I have been hibernating for the last 24 hours. Both because of the cold and more worries. I must sound like a basket case. Lately for every good thing that happens {like paying off my car Thursday} one irritating/worrysome thing occurrs. It is a long story that I won't get into. It really isn't the end of the world or earth shattering - just irritating, time consuming and plain aggrivating.

Anyhow...I did stay in from the cold {for the most part} yesterday. Had all intentions of going over to the gym but I slept terribly on Thursday night {see above - worries - my mind has no shut-off button} so felt groggy all day yesterday. Did a little work for my classes, rested on the couch and watched Season I - Heroes but couldn't fall asleep for a nap, played a game on the computer with Cary and later on we went out to pick-up Chinese. So good!

I got some pictures I ordered from in the mail. November and December. So I can finish up my December Daily and my 2008 In Review Album. I also finished up my Week #2 for the 52 Q challenge. Actually finished it just now. I had been working on it a little at time all week but wrapped it up this am.

Feeling like I want to catch up with my world today. Clean up this apartment a little. Print out syllabii for my classes that start over the next week. Take some photos. Bake some cookies. Just have a fun day and enjoy the sun, my health, my relationship and all that is GOOD. My cousin from California who I never get to see but love - sent me a message on facebook in relation to my mind and worries. She said she tells herself "out of this good will come."

I will hold on to that.

Out of this GOOD will come.

Also realized I was tagged on Miss. M'sblog to share 5 addictions. Fun idea! I'm going to try and post that later.

Happy Saturday!

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