Monday, January 19, 2009


snow on our balcony

Another day of snow. It looks so pretty. Especially since I don't have to drive in it to work today! This is my last long weekend before the new semester starts. In my dream world, I wouldn't have to work these two jobs and I could just focus on teaching. But it isn't. Oh well.

My fortune cookie last night said:

Happy life is just in front of you.

Hmmm. Cary was sitting in front of me as I read it. That's a good sign!

Yesterday was a relaxed day. Thank goodness. I did make it out to the grocery store, stayed within my budget. Then visited my parent's for a bit. The ride home was a little precarious because it had started snowing again. It was a nice visit. My dad has a digital camera that he hasn't really used and he was asking my advice on photographing some stuff. It was cool to have him ask me advice. Usually it is him helping me! He is also working with a guy to get his really old home movies transferred to DVD. These are the kind of movies you had to watch on a projector. So I've only seen one in my life. It was of my grandfather ice skating. I guess he has some of the Navy, my parent's wedding and some of me when I was little. I can't wait to see them! He's been wanting to do this for years!

Yesterday I also printed out some journaling to finish off my 2008 In Review album. Now I need to put together the Nov/Dec layouts. I also finished up my December Daily album. Kind of did a rush job of just putting in photos and no writing for the end. Probably not a good idea but I'm not really in to it anymore! I will need to write a few words though or some memories will get fuzzy. It will be a nice thing to flip through next year though.

Well off to get to my day. I want to see what the 52Q is for this week. And maybe do a layout or two while Cary is still asleep. Then we'll get to hang out before he goes off to work tonight.

Happy Monday!


Benita said...

Great picture, only I'm tired of snow! Great fortune in your cookie, too :)

Tasha said...

Great snow, we don't get hardly any here, I wish we did!

toners said...

Happy Monday to you, too, Emily :) The snow looks beautiful! I'm with you about driving in it, though - I'm not a fan of it at all...

Have a super week! I think you should hang on to that fortune :)


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