Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Made this little guy last week from an idea in Martha Stewart's magazine this month. He's made out of pine cones and an acorn. A little wire, glitter and red paint. He was a little labor intensive but I hope to make a few more...maybe! I am a little over ambitious sometimes!

I started my December Daily album yesterday and am off to a good start. Printed a few photos on my home printer. It isn't the greatest. The photos tend to seem a little dark but it wasn't awful. I really want to stay on top of it and be mindful each day. If I wait to print photos online I won't keep up with the "daily" part of the album!

Today I stayed home sick. I feel so much better now. I always feel guilty staying home sick but so often I rush back before I feel better and then it just lingers. I was a little off though and klutzy cooking supper....cooked some pork chops. Those came out very good if I do say so. But...

I forgot to pierce a hole in the bag of frozen spinach before microwaving it.

It exploded.
All over the inside of the microwave.

Then while cleaning the microwave I took out the glass plate that is inside the microwave. Balanced it on top of the microwave and manged to knock it onto the floor. Into a million pieces. Arrggh! How do you go about getting a new plate for the microwave without having to buy a whole new microwave??? There must be a way....

We'll see...


toners said...

I'm glad you're feeling better :) Sometimes a day at home is just what we need. About your microwave problem...that's one I haven't heard of; having to replace the glass plate...but I bet it can be done!

Sarah C. said...

Hope you are feeling better! The little bird is so cute. :) As for the microwave, check with the manufacturer. They might have a option on their website to order one.


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