Thursday, December 4, 2008

ordinary day, extraordinary sunrise

Today's sunrise was beautiful. The rest of my day was pretty ordinary. Work was stressful and I was so glad to come home. Cary and I got to spend some time before he went off to work. He has guard in Maine this weekend so we don't really get to see each other this week.

I did some work on Day 4 of my December Daily today. So far I've been keeping up with it and taking a few minutes each day on it. I'm kind of liking it. I have to let go of my perfectionism though and just be in the moment with it. Use it as an opportunity to experiment with layers, etc. I have been printing photos on my printer which is actually working out pretty well. For awhile my printer was making terrible quality photos - not as nice as when I first got it...but it seems to have worked out its issue!

And in regards to my microwave situation. I checked out the manufacterers website...and I can get a replacement glass turntable. But the kicker is that the cost of the turntable plus shipping would be almost $50! Wow. I could almost buy a new microwave for that money. So for now I have one of my dinner plates in there and it seems to turn and work ok for now! Looking back...the situation was kind of funny. Cary has been teasing me about it...asking me "Have you broken anything else today?" I was on a klutzy roll yesterday!

My car was supposed to be ready from the shop tomorrow but it is delayed til Monday...and thanks to everyone's suggestions I hounded the guy's insurance company repeatedly and they are paying for the rental. Even though they established it was his fault I think they would have "forgotten" to pay for the rental if I hadn't really been on it. They wanted me to save receipts etc. I was assertive and requested they speak to the rental agency and set up direct billing. But unfortunately, now I have to try and get on them again since the car is delayed four days...they only auth'd payment until tomorrow. I left his company contact a message today and asked her to verify she recieved the message and speak to my auto body shop. Alas. No return phone call yet. Grrr... I can't wait to have my little car back! This has been going on for three weeks. But in the grand scheme it's really not worth my worry anymore. Life is too short and this is too unimportant!

Today I am feeling a little better but not 100%. Feeling guilty that I have had to neglect my new running routine for the past week. I was going to walk on the treadmill tonight but I just had too many other things to finish and I still don't feel like myself. I think this weekend I will make an effort to take a walk and get some fresh air and some exercise. Running can wait til Monday.

Tomorrow I teach my last class of the semester! Yeah! Then comes grades (I already have a head start) and some student meetings. But otherwise I am on mini-break with some short work weeks coming up. I cannot wait! to read some blogs and get ready for Grey's Anatomy. Good night!


scrapperjen said...

Wow - what a sunrise! I hope the car situation is getting resolved. May you have a wonderful weekend!

toners said...

Emily, that photo is spectacular - you should frame it! I'm glad things are getting worked out :)


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