Monday, December 1, 2008

Made these chair ties by cutting a Michael's garland into two peices (to make 2 mini wreaths) with wire cutters, twisting it into shape and tying it on with a beautiful olive iridescent ribbon.

Tried to do too much yesterday, as usual! But put up some more decorations...found a few things at Pier One and Michael's. Used my Yankee Candle coupons for some of our favorites. Made little wreaths for the kitchen chairs and a large wreath for our hallway closet. But today I paid for it and ended up leaving work early. Sick. We'll see about work tomorrow. I just want to feel better. I hate being home sick and feeling guilty about that. I always do. I was out sick two weeks ago and felt like I was fighting something. Probably brought on by stress. And now I have a full-blown cold. Boo! I really need to do something about my stress level. I have the perfectionist personality that doesn't help. I need to really LET GO of crap and relax! I am going to try...again! I enjoy doing things around the house. It relaxes me. It's the work stuff that stresses me.

Anyhow...I just did some online window shopping at Amazon and LL Bean. Have stuff in my virtual "bags" to buy later this week. All my Christmas shopping will be almost done. I am definately buying less this year as I'm sure many are....but I think I have picked out things people I love will love. are some more pictures of decoations! I don't have a tree up yet so there will be more to come! And my lighting isn't great so the pictures of the wreath aren't great. I am going to try and check out my favorite blogs before I get some more rest...

Made this with a grapevine wreath I found discounted at Michael's. Added a pretty garland by wrapping it around the wreath and tucked in two glittered poinsettia stems. Everything was 50% off at Michael's so it was a pretty cheap project and took less than 5 minutes to make!

Close-up of the glittered poinsettias. These were really pretty and they had them in many different colors.

I have three really old, cheap trees from AC Moore in my kitchen/LR "pass-through." The wire tree on the wire was one of my Pier One purchases yesterday for $10. It is a card or photo holder. I plan on hanging up cards we receive during the holidays.


scrapperjen said...

Oh my goodness! I love your decorations, Miss Crafty! Your home must be very festive.
I too, am almost done shopping! HOORAY!!!!! Just DH left....sigh.
Hope you have a great week and are feeling better soon.

Sandra Collins said...

I love the idea of the tree that holds cards - fantastic decorations

Sarah C. said...

Your decorations are beautiful! We haven't even started. Too tired and sick last weekend to even consider it. Perhaps this weekend we'll get around to it. And, yes, definitely buying less here this year too. My job is iffy with the current economy.


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