Monday, November 10, 2008

monday blues?

Feeling very blah today. Maybe it's monday blues? I like where I go on Mondays...I think I'm dreading the rest of the week. I really need a change but with the way things are going in the economy I don't know which is more risky. Staying put or struggling to find a new job. I have noticed the employment section of the newspapers shrinking significantly since the unemployment scare I had a few weeks ago. I could scrape by on one of my jobs - the one I really enjoy -but it would require Cary picking up on some of the things I pay for and having $0 for extras. I hate worrying about stuff like this. I NEED a change for my own health and sanity.

It makes me feel stuck.

And down.

I need to change my attitude or its going to be a looonng week.


1 comment:

toners said...

((((big hugs)))) to you, Emily!! I hope your week picks up for you :)


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