Tuesday, August 5, 2008

sounds in the night and other stuff

Here it is. My art space. Doesn't look like much. It's along one wall of the bedroom. Which incidently...today now has a bed! I've been sleeping on a fouton mattress for the past 7-years so the Serta mattress will feel heavenly. The place is coming together. Slowly. Tomorrow Cary is buying his own "station." A small desk to go in the living room for his laptop so he can play WOW at all hours without waking me up ;) We will be completely moved in by Friday. It's looking like it will be a nice weekend. I plan on sitting at the pool for a bit and going to the beach....

In other news...adventure tonight in the woods of my childhood home! I was in my parent's house with my mom and sister and we started hearing the neighbor's dog barking and running through our yard and the woods. Not unusual. Everyone in this neighborhood lets their dogs run around. We are in a wooded area. But the odd part was the strange, very loud, almost-shrieking sound we heard. The dog would bark and then there would be the shriek. Creepy. Sounded like a cross between a parrot and a cat being stepped on. We get all kinds of wild animals here...racoons, coyotes, wild turkeys, etc. I've lived here my whole life and never heard a sound like that. Yikes...and then I realized I hadn't turned on my apartment's outside light to walk over here from my parent's. Creepier! But I guess...instead of wild animals making strange sounds in the night I will now have strange human neighbors to contend with...lol! I will miss the sound of the crickets though.


:: gingerkitty :: said...

having fun in dreamland.

living creating & appreciating
my blog

Heather said...

Glad to hear the move is going well. My imagination would have taken over and I would have thought the shrieking as a monster or something!

Jennie said...

I like your art space :) It's nice to have that special area to create, nomatter how big or small it is. And as for the shrieking, hope you hadn't been watching any scarey movies lately. I probably would have have to change my undies lol

QueenTracy said...

lol. sometimes humans are much creepier than animals!!! :-D


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