Monday, August 4, 2008

moving, cont.

For some reason I can't upload the picture I took of my art desk setup in the apartment. My "station." Cary always refers to the desk as "his station." But really it was my "station" first! I have "my station" in the new apartment. He'll have to find another spot :) It's the only thing that is set up! We have no bed yet (tomorrow), the couch isn't moved in, the chair and bookcase will be in Maine until September....but my art space is set up! It's along one wall of the bedroom. Yesterday I bought a little bulletin board for the wall in front of it. I've always wanted an idea/inspiration board. In my current apartment the desk faced into the room so I didn't have a place to hang a board. So I'm excited about that. I still need some space for my papers and stuff. They are in the closet for now. Another downside of that is going to be the days I'm off from work and Cary is still sleeping in the a.m. after working all night. I won't be able to work at the desk without waking him up. It's really no different than now though. My art stuff takes up my entire half of the shelf in the bedroom closet. Clothes take second stage to the art stuff!

Thanks everyone for your encouragement and thoughts during my move! Hopefully we'll be completely in by Friday. Not settled...but we won't be living in between to spots. Cary came home from guard today so we can finish moving stuff little by little this week. Hopefully whatever this glitch is I can post my picture later!


Sweet Pete said...

congrats on your new apt. can't wait to see your new art space! I'm excited for you, think of all the new experiences you will have. And all the photos of new things you've never seen before that you can take. I love moving, there's something exciting about it.
I think it's cute...a true artist could care less about a sofa, tv or even a bed. But they must always have thier supplies. I'm right there with you on that one! =)

toners said...

Looking forward to seeing photos! Enjoy this time - it'll be the beginning of some great memories in your new place!


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