Sunday, August 31, 2008

last weekend of summer (so far) in pictures

Very few words for this weekend so far...

Just finished baking the chocolate chip cookies I've been craving. Having made them from scratch in years. I'm a slice-n-bake girl.

Waiting for Cary to come home from work. His Dad is coming down from Maine today and we're meeting him for dinner. He's never been here to see where I'm from and where Cary is living.

Here are pictures of the weekend so far...

Flowers I've been admiring this summer at the apartment complex. Gorgeous. Huge. Red. Red. Red.
The New England Revs and the LA Galaxy. I'm a Revs fan but LA has the gorgeous Beckham!
"The Fort" cheering section where my brother spends his time at games. Lively. Fun. Energetic.

Cement. The picture I got when I tried to take a shot of my dad and my brother and they ducked from the camera.
My flip flops in the sand on what could be the last beach day of the summer...unless...we get some next weekend in time for my birthday!


scrapperjen said...

Chocolate chip cookies and flip flops in the sand...sounds like a GREAT weekend! :)

Noelia said...

Seems like you're enjoying your weekend. Love the shots of the sandals.


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