Monday, September 1, 2008

enjoying the day-to-day & end-of-summer blues

Is anyone else feeling a little down about the end of summer?

I am.

Not really sure why. Why do I have to loose the feeling of summer just because the calendar says so? One thing I really want to work on changing about myself is living to get to the next day off. the next vacation. the next something. I really want to make an effort to enjoy the regular days. Work days. I always say I'd like to do this. It seems easy at the end of a long weekend or at the end of a relaxing vacation.

Not so easy in the middle of a crazy busy frustrated work day.

Sometimes I will put in a little treat to my day. An ice coffee. A gossipy magazine. A trip to the scrapbook store. But you can't do this everyday. That only touches the surface not the feeling underneath.

I read somewhere that it is important to schedule your next vacation the day you get back to work from a vacation. I did do this. Scheduled an extra day to extend Columbus Day Weekend. But that's more than a month away. And it avoids looking forward to tomorrow. Tuesday. Wednesday.

Any ideas?

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Sharla said...

Hi Emily...Thanks for your comments. Yes, dating can be fun and exciting but also awkward, lets just say that it wasn't worth the 4hour trip there and back and the $80 in gas!!

I don't have any ideas, but can so relate. I come back from a long weekend, or vacation and I'm already looking at the calendar for the next holiday or long weekend. I don't really enjoy my job, but have to have it, so that doesn't help. I feel like I waste too much time doing nothing, and I need to figure out what I would like to fill that time with. Maybe take lessons of some kind, or classes, or go hiking. If you come up with some great ideas please share!!


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