Saturday, August 30, 2008

a terrible blogger

A picture from last years New England Revs/LA Galaxy Game

I have been a terrible blogger! This has been the longest I've gone {since I started this whole thing} without writing. I didn't think I was really that much busier than usual but I guess I have been. Started back at work this past week. This coming week I have my first week back at the college too. Just Friday though since Monday is a holiday. I don't really feel ready. I haven't gotten copies made, printed out powerpoints, found articles...yikes. Yesterday, I went to the mall and got a few things to wear to school. I always feel out of my league as a professor. I always look more like the students than the faculty. I need to go on that show "What Not to Wear." Anyhow...I got a few things. I have a small bonus coming to me from the college that I'm going to use for some more clothes shopping at the outlets up in Maine.

Yesterday I also went grocery shopping with Cary. Spent WAY more than I do when I go alone! I am very frugal at the store. Really he is too but he's more likely to spend more on meats. I will buy good quality meats but not very much of it. He likes a good "grownup" steak (as he puts it!). I do too but have trouble when I see the price tag. Though it is much, much cheaper than going out to dinner.

Well...tonight I'm going to see the New England Revs play the LA Galaxy (with the lovely David Beckham)! I love going to the soccer games and we went to this game as a family last year and it was a fun time. Cary is sitting this one out though. He's not really into soccer unfortunately. But that's ok.

Hope to have some pictures or something later. I made a whole bunch of cards last night to sell at the craft fair. I was on a roll. I had purchased an EK Success scalloped square punch and some American Crafts ribbons that inspired me. The ribbons were only $1 at AC Moore! I bought the punch with a 50% off coupon so it was only $7. I also bought a pack of paper (can't remember the company) because I loved the coordinating papers. Plus it was on sale for $10. Couldn't resist!
Today I have to ease up on the spending money thing!


Lily said...

Thanks for catching us up. You really sound crazy busy!

toners said...

A very busy time for you - but fun, though! I love What Not To Wear...I'd be terrified if they showed up at my door! LOL!


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