Saturday, May 24, 2008

my weekend so far

I've been bad at updating. No pictures tonight either. Sorry! I'm a dissapointment to bloggers everywhere! It's been a busy end of the week...class Thursday night, got my hair highlighted and saw the new Indiana Jones movie friday (and then Cary used my computer that night). Today was a Yard Sale for Relay-for-Life and then groceries and dinner. So all good stuff but busy. No art stuff this weekend. Yet. I was hoping to scrap since I got some photos back from and I was planning on doing a mini book on nature with one of the 7 gypsies albums I picked up at CKC. Hopefully tomorrow if I finish the lit review I have to do for my class. Boring. I was also thinking of stopping by my LSS for thier annual Yard Sale. We'll see. I really don't need anything and I really shouldn't spend any money. So I might have to restrain myself and resist. Tomorow the weather is supposed to be beautiful so maybe I'll sit outside and do my homework on my laptop ...hmmm then maybe the beach? That would be awesome! I got my beach sticker on Friday so I'm all set to go...

I promise I'll post a picture tomorrow! Thanks for all the nice comments...

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