Sunday, May 25, 2008

memorial day

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! I've always taken this holiday seriously. I'm reminded of the sacrifice my Uncle Lauri made as a Marine in Vietnam and how he was never the same from what my dad tells me. He was a quiet soul and I think about him a lot. One of my heroes. Never complained. I think about the job my Dad did on the USS Coral Sea during Vietnam at the same time my Uncle Lauri, his brother, was there. I imagine what that must have been like for my Grandparents and the rest of their 9 children (there were 11). I think about the sacrifices my boyfriend Cary made years before I met him as a prison guard in Iraq. He saw scary things and did an amazing job. He continues to serve his country and has for over 11 years in the Maine Army National Guard. To these heroes, old and new, in my life I will mark this Memorial Day thinking about them.

As for other things...I did go to my LSS's annual Yard Sale. I'd never been. There were some good deals to be had. I only spent about $8 and got some border stamps, beautiful paper, some Heidi Swapp journaling spots, alphas, and other goodies. But my favorite find was this...

...for $2.00! I had been eying this for a long time but could never get past the $20-pricetag. But $2.00 I can do! I still haven't really done any scrapping with my new goodies. Or worked on my mini book with the photos I got developed but I did some organizing. I have a binder I use to store layouts and scrap magazine clippings in. I went through that and purged. I also went through some older issues of magazines and clipped out stuff to put in. I sat outside in the beautiful weather while I worked...

Then I went for a nice walk and am now waiting for some BBQ wings to finish cooking to go along with my homemade potato salad. I am so hungry! Have a nice rest of the day everyone.

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:: gingerkitty :: said...

Thanks for sharing. love the pics

Miss M! said...

I can't believe you got all that for only $8!!! What a lucky day!


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