Wednesday, May 21, 2008

creativity is

Washington National Cathedral, DC - 2001

Two Peas Challenge - Why is CREATIVITY important?

  • creativity IS problem-solving. not just in art but in life.
  • makes life interesting!
  • can be found in children drawing and playing, adults balancing a budget and in someone making a recovery from mental illness and/or addiction.
  • is something I feel in places... like homes, the Cathedral in the photo. hands that placed each beam, stone, light. creativity.
  • allows for self-expression...our thoughts, dreams, goals, fears...
  • lets us get out what we can't speak in words.
  • brings beauty into the world in art, music, design, architecture, parenting, cooking, customer service...
  • brings new things into the world to make our lives better and/or easier. a creative person invented cars, pencils, ice cream, chairs, comfy get the idea!
  • helps us find new solutions to old nagging problems.

That's my list for today!

Had some frustrating parts of my day today but also just got some exciting things accomplished...I'll tell more later. Trying to narrow down ideas for a research project I have to do during my 6 week class. Research is not my thing! Took a nice, long walk after dinner. Hoping to read a few blogs before I call it a night!


A. Wise Art Journey said...

Good blog!

Creative Junkie said...

I love that list - especially the sixth one down.

Heather said...

Love your list. Creativity is so much more than making art.

Sarah C. said...

Best of luck w/ the research project. Gorgeous photo and enjoyed your list! :)


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