Tuesday, May 20, 2008



...I mailed in my submission to Somerset Studios. Here is the sneak peak.

...was not a good day at work overall but had some nice moments with clients.

...my first Research class was held tonight. There will be a lot of work over these 6 weeks....design a research project to do on my classmates related to an interest?...something art therapy related I'm thinking? In 11 classes? Yikes!

...the wireless internet was not working over here...grrr. I just walked back and forth to the house checking the router 6x.

...the weather was beautiful. Sunny & cool.

...I didn't get my laundry done again.

...Cary was sweet when I came home frustrated and overwhelmed.

...I had a wonderful dinner. Teriyaki marinated salmon, rice and sugar snap peas.

And now...

...I'm exhausted. Need. my. bed.

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