Sunday, March 2, 2008

The two peas "Blog Challenge" for today: With all the CHA Previews. What are some of the new products do you have on your wish list? '

Interesting challenge given my entry yesterday about "cutting myself off" from buying more supplies! Well...the one thing I have my eye on right now wasn't out at CHA this year I don't believe but its been a big topic lately. A Bind-it-All. I really like the idea of being able to make my own journals, books, albums. But...maybe I will have to ask for it for my birthday. A long 7 months away!

I did use some of my stash today though. I made myself do my taxes first and a little prep for one of the classes I teach. Then I worked on two pages for my "All About Me" album I've been working on slowly for years. It is a collection of things I love, little facts about me, people I love, places, dreams, goals...every so often I work on another page for it. It is in a cute gatefold 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 album that I got at my LSS ages ago. Here's what I worked on today...

"Admire Lauri" ~ a page about my sister and everything that I see and appreciate in her. I have always loved the top picture of her and our dog who died a few years ago. Also included on of her pictures from when she was little - she was a doll! I am 8 years older than her so she has always seemed like the "little" sister but we have grown much closer as we've gotten older.
This page is titled "My Car(s). I have only ever had two cars and this was about them. I have always loved cars. Grew up around them. I was so sad when I had to give up my first car and really, to be honest, never really have let go of it.(It's the white volvo in the background!) That Volvo is really the only thing I truly own. But I do love my Honda and one more year of payments and it will finally be all mine!

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