Tuesday, March 4, 2008

childhood memories

Two Peas Challenge: Describe your yard as a child - did you help with the yard work? What are your memories?

I have the most wonderful memories of my yard as a kid. In fact, I currently live in my parent's garage apartment so can appreciate it every day and think back to those years. We live in a very wooded area on an acre and a half. Big pine trees, daisies, an apple tree that was good for climbing, a tire swing, the brook. My dad made a "playhouse" (now a shed) for me to play in when I was little. I spent hours in there. It had a loft and a big main area. Mud pies were my favorite thing to make and my dad graciously pretended to eat them. My neighborhood is the same one that he and his 10 brothers and sisters grew up in. The river, the willow tree, Grammy's House, the woods, the bridge. Generations of memories. It is a huge part of my life and hopefully will be for my future children. I've only left this place long enough to live in Boston for college and D.C. for graduate school. It has always been hard for me to leave for long. Soon, Cary and I will find an apartment in another part of the city and I'm really excited to start this new adventure but part of me is sad. The garage we live in is where I played as a kid when it was "really" a garage with my Dad's Corvette. It is where I brought him mudpies. It is close to where my mom had a vegetable garden with all the carrots I picked when they were still too small! I have such fond memories of this place. It will always be somewhere I can go whenever I know that in my heart but it just might take a little drive.

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Danisha said...

I envy you in that you have lived in one place for so long that you have generations of memories. I have always moved around which has it's pluses as well. But I always wondered what it would be like to live in one spot for all of my growing years. I am sure it has its good and bad points as everything does.

But it sounds peaceful and serene and absolutely beautiful. Good luck and enjoy your new home when you find it.


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