Saturday, March 1, 2008

seek balance

I had the perfect day today. Balanced. Cary is at guard and I always miss him but I had lots of me time today and did all my favorite things despite the raw cold, rainy/snowy mess that was the weather. I met Alyssa for breakfeast this a.m. at Morning Glory. We talked and talked. I think the waitress was frustrated but it was wonderful! I felt understood and heard. After breakfeast I went to Barnes & Noble to kill a little time before my hair appt. I could spend hours wandering around that store. I picked up a really interested Feng Shui book. It has a lot of great ideas and topics that I'd like to learn about and try about Feng Shui and space clearing. I also picked up The Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron...about creativity of another sort. Each of these will be inspiring resources for my goal of balance {my one little word for the year}. Then I got my hair cut and has been sadly waiting for this for too long. The last time I had my hair done it was the weekend after Thanksgiving. There is something so relaxing of having nothing to do but sit and read trashy celebrity magazines while someone is beautifying you. With my fresh highlights and layers, I heading to my LSS to get more inspiration and spend the $20 coupon I earned last weekend....of course I spent an extra $20....guilt...Cary called while I was there and was teasing me about the features in the apartment we are looking to get in a few months. In other words, "Hon, don't spend any money, pay off the rest of your bills so we can move." I guess I have justified my purchases in my mind in the name of balance. Doing art one day a week was my New Year's intention. But I do need to cut myself off! I've spent too much on art supplies for the past few weeks. When I put away my finds tonight I realized I have so many cool things to use in my scrapbooks, cards, etc. More than I can use in my lifetime. From here on out, I'm vowing to spend my time at home working on projects instead of collecting stuff. I ended the day by going to Trader Joe's for a few things {including the white tulips that now grace my desk - the flowers Cary gave me for Valentine's Day were spent} and I also went to the grocery store. A chore, I know. But it is a chore I enjoy. It makes me feel comforted to come home and have options. choices. full cabinets. And finally...I finished my Weekend Creative that I started last night. It painted and collaged a canvas with various papers and acrylics in shades of white. I added a Heidi Swapp ghost butterfly - one of today's purchases! The words say "Seek Balance" with a glitter alpha sticker and chipboard letters. Another dedication to my one little word of the year. I plan on hanging this on the wall of my office as a reminder when the day gets too hard, stressful, and overwhelming. It was a perfect day.

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