Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Feeling a little full of thoughts today. Just read a friend's blog and it got my mind spinning around life, passions, inspiration, moods, the "what's important" in life stuff. I'm an art between the thinking involved in therapy and the thinking involved with art...I'm in trouble! Sometimes I need to shut my mind off or get it out somewhere. Since I'm at work - I can't do any of my own "art therapy" right now. That usually helps. So I am going to blog. I think I'll list what I'm grateful for in this moment to sort out my thoughts, stay in the moment and remain positive.

- the Girl Scout cookies on my desk that I received today. They will go well with the tea I'm going to get in a few minutes.
- talking with Cary about apartments last night has me excited (and nervous) today.
- the butterscotch candy I'm eating
- quiet
- anticipating some fun "me" time this weekend while Cary is at guard drill weekend.
- I have my parents and they are healthy
- I can relate to so much of what my friend was writing about today. So often I feel like I'm alone with some of my internal struggles and feel like I'm in a different place.

Thanks for reading!

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