Sunday, February 24, 2008

winter is still here

Two Peas Blog Challenge: Do you feel now that the weather is getting nicer with Spring on the way, that your being more creative?

This is a funny question for me to answer. Especially given the photo I took on my walk this morning. We had a snowstorm on Friday so its not looking like Spring here! But I have been feeling more creative. Not sure what my excuse is. I do tend to feel more motivated in general when Spring comes. I want to buy new spring-like clothes, walk outside instead of on the treadmill, start new projects, get my hair cut, colored. You name it. I get motivated for change when the seasons change.

But...even though it was looking wintery out today I still got outside and did a lot of art. I finished my Christmas 2007 Album. Now I just need to find a cute 8x8 album to put it in. I don't like the cheap one I picked up at AC Moore. It will do for now but I want something more. Just not sure what "more" is right now. I also did an entry in my Art Journal about "friendship" I topic I've been struggling with lately. I also did a "One Word" project and framed my word....BALANCE. has been an art therapy day for me.

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