Saturday, February 23, 2008

Love project

For the last week I have been sick with the flu and haven't felt like doing anything. Finally feeling almost back to normal, I was inspired by Ali Edward's "Weekend Creative" so I gathered the stuff and got to work. I rarely follow a project and had so much fun with this. Had so much fun at my LSS getting supplies. Always gets me in a creative mood. I was going to work on the book tonight while my guy was out with friends but couldn't wait to get started! So as soon as I got home with the supplies I jumped right in. Most of the supplies are the same as she suggested except I bought some chipboard in place of the cardboard she used and used some different accents, colors, etc. I bought the lace cardstock in a teal. At first I intended to have the white paint be opaque like Ali's. But after the first coat it looked sort of antiqued and I decided I kind of liked it. I also added another layer among the pages- a grid pattern Hambly overlay is layered in front of each extra thick Hambly overlay. It is difficult to see in the picts. I might add some quotes on the extra overlay. Haven't decided. It also still needs photos. I have some ideas for each set of pages. One spread will be Cary and I, another will be my family, and the third will be pictures of home. Not sure on the page titles yet. Maybe {us}, {family}, and {home}. Simple. But it is...a work in progress...

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