Friday, February 22, 2008

Belated Valentine's Day

This is a late Valentine's Day blog. Since I have been really sick with the flu since the 15th I never got to share! My sweetie gave me chocolate covered strawberries, flowers and a balloon. I haven't gotten a heart balloon in years. He also made me a card. Yes. He made it. It's become a tradition. Cardmaking has always been my thing. This year for Christmas he made me one and he has continued it for Valentines. It was beautiful. He got into my "stash" and found some glittery red paper and cut out the heart shape all by himself! Very sweet. He may have made it at the last minute like most guys are in the card aisle of the store on February 14th but it is the thought that counts! Unfortunately I only got to enjoy some of the strawberries before I got sick the next day...but I have the Valentine!

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