Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What is good about today

On a day when I still don't feel well after 4-days home with the flu, piles of papers to read and grade, midterm grades approaching...I am going to stop a minute and think about what is good about today:

1. I have a delicious Japanese cream puff pastry from the Studio Mgr at school that is welcomed after days of not being able to eat much. Perfect with my tea as I finish up reading papers and getting ready for class.

2. The sun is out here in New England and its bright in my office.

3. I have my IPod playing my tunes.

4. Cary was so good to me while I was sick, soup, gatorade, saltines, hugs...all to make me feel better quick.

5. Friday is in 2 days and I get another try at having a fun weekend full of walks and time to make some art.

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