Sunday, March 16, 2008

one day at a time

Well...clothes are ironed, chili is finished cooking in the crockpot for meals this week, and coffee's ready to turn on auto in the a.m. It is Sunday night and on the surface I'm ready for the week to start...but in reality I'm not. I need to stay positive but I'm not thrilled about how crazy this week will be. Actually the next month will be crazy busy. So...I need to remember "One day at a time." I need to slow down on the number of projects I have up in the air right now. I'm tired just re-reading this blog! Between the classes I'm teaching, students I'm advising, classes I have to take myself, and working as a part-time therapist I'm tired. I am trying to stay in the moments and enjoy where I'm at right now. I have to remind myself of this daily. But I have been able to refresh myself on the weekends with art and home stuff. This was one of my intentions this year. I need to nurture myself.

So today I celebrated an early St. Patrick's Day with my family. My brother was going back to college today so we ate Mom's Boiled Dinner and my Irish Freckle Bread today. The bread was actually pretty good if I do say so myself and Mom's cooking...well that's always good! I spent time organizing my stickers, alphas, etc. I also went through my old scrapbook "Inspiration" binder that I really haven't looked at in years and pulled out old clippings that are not so inspiring anymore. I did find though that without realizing it I have used many of the ideas that I saved. So I guess they sunk in on some level even though the binder hasn't left the shelf in months!

I also spent some time going through my handmade cards and labeling stickers and stamps that do not have angel policies so I remember not to use them. I am really considering opening a "shop" on Etsy. In any case I want to be ready to sell at some craft fairs. I didn't do any last year but in the past have done really well and find them a lot of fun. I also managed to do a little art. Worked on pages for my "Week in the Life Album" - I'm up to Thursday! I also altered the cover of this Real Simple Index card book I got at Target yesterday. I plan to use it for my Gratitude Lists when I'm running my Gratitude Group at Day Treatment on Mondays. I'm trying to refresh my attitude toward my work there and little "treats" in any form are helping deal with the frustration and stress.. The days I'm at the college are refreshing for me. Athough its a very busy time of year at the school and all the first year professor challenges I is not frustrating when I'm there. Hopefully this summer I can move on from Day Treatment and find something to compliment my hours at the college.

Two Peas Blog Challenge: What is the essential core of friendship to me? This is a question I've been struggling over recently. I think I would have to say acceptance. Someone who is willing to accept me allows me to build trust and let down my guard. I have found through the years that this quality is what has helped me to determine who are really my true friends and who are not.

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