Saturday, March 15, 2008

my day day went differently than I planned in my mind this morning but it was still good. Instead of sitting in the coffee place to read I guilted myself into going to the gym for 1/2 an hour on the treadmill. I needed it. I've been completely out of my exercise routine and again today it was raining/snowing/cold so not good walking outside weather.

After...I took a trip up to Target. Got a few spring-like dishtowels, placemat, etc. Also found some stickers, 8x8 cardstock and adhesive (I'm running out). After getting home I decided to bake the Irish Freckle Bread I had planned on making tomorrow. I'd never made it before. Never even made bread! I made 2 loaves with the intention on bringing one in for the clients Monday for our St. Patrick's Day "breakfeast." But...if it's may not leave the house...I did give one to my mom to go with her Boiled Dinner we are having tomorrow since my brother goes back to school tomorrow. I also did a little scrapbooking today. No pictures...working on my Week in The Life...a little at a time. Having fun with it. Not planning. Not thinking it out too much. Just going with the flow. Going against all my usual tendencies!

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