Saturday, March 15, 2008

creative plans

Hmmm. My creative plans for the day are probably not all going to fit into the day! Cary unexpectedly has to work today 12-8 so that means (a) I have time to do stuff, and (b) I get my desk to work on. Our place is SO tiny right now we are sharing my desk. When he's home and on he computer I have to set myself up on the couch. I try to accommodate because right now most of his stuff is still in storage in Maine until we get a bigger place. I try to make him feel at home as much as possible. But I do miss my desk sometimes!

Today I want to (should) go to the gym for a bit. This crappy weather is getting to me because I can't just walk outside which I prefer. Then I'm going to just sit in my favorite coffee place downtown and read my new Somerset Studios and a book on selling crafts I got yesterday. This will inspire me to go home and MAKE STUFF! I also got my pict back from Scrapbook Picts yesterday and started my "Week in the Life" album which is going to take awhile. Also some small pictures for a tiny book to keep on my desk at work when I need a stress reliever. Hopefully I'll post a picture of something I make today. I also need my mom to help me undo some rows in a scarf I'm making. I messed up and need her help! Hope everyone has a fun day!

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