Thursday, March 20, 2008

good finds and life stuff

No picts to post but came home with some great finds at Target. I was on a mission for Airborne...I'm afraid I'm getting sick, again. Picked up some Easter candy for my guys Easter Bag. He's not a basket kind of guy! It has become a tradition for us to trade candy on all major holidays! But for the good finds...a gorgeous suede picture album to go with the 2 on my makeshift coffee table. It was a whopping $3.50. Also got a set of Making Memories acrylics for $3 and some rub-ons for less than $1.

I also went to AC Moore and got myself some watercolor wt paper, charcoal and a drawing board so I can get back to my drawing. As I reminisced has been awhile. I am going to make sure I give myself time to do that this weekend. I have so much work to do and a test on Monday but this is important to me. Also...good news/bad news. Cary gets Sunday off. Actually until further notice. They are looking to fit him in somewhere else. He's a security guard and the company he works for contracts out. The apartment complex he works at only needs 1 guy on Sundays now and his co-worker has seniority. Its good because we actually get to see each other more than 1 day a week. But bad because that's a significant pay cut and we are so close to getting a bigger apartment. Oh well. to drink some OJ and rest so I can fight off whatever is trying to get me!

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