Wednesday, March 19, 2008

art and inspiration

Today was an art day. I visited the internship site of three of my students for a site visit. It was inspiring. They intern at a vocational art program for individuals with developmental disabilities. They create work on paper, paintings, fabric work, clothing, weaving, sculpture, pottery, .....the list is endless. I was inspired by how friendly the clients were and how they welcomed me and the obvious connections some have made with my art therapy students. I was also inspired by the sheer indivdiuality and creativity in thier art. They have created their own unique techniques and art forms. It was impressive.
Later I took my class and we went to a gallery opening for my former professor-turned-supervisor. She is the chair of the Art Department of the college where I teach Art Therapy courses and of which I'm an alum. I'd never seen her paintings before. Beautiful. abstract, organic landscape-like. Seeing her art and the art of the clients earlier today makes me want ot pull out my charcoal and pencils and start drawing some landscapes. I used to love drawing from life, realistic, detailed. I haven't in years. During grad school I switched and was doing abstract stuff like the one posted above. Which I find therapeutic for myself...but there's something in the challenge of representing the landscapes around me that I love and that hold so much of my history and are a part of me.
Tonight, when I came home I tried to find my drawing stuff and I think its in the storage shed underneath tons of junk. I may have to take a trip to the art store and get some stuff and draw! While I'm still inspired...

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Sarah C. said...

I like the piece at the top of your post! Very cool. Your words ring true with me as well as far as drawing. Growing up and during Design School, I was always drawing. Now that I spend my days "drawing" architectural plans in CAD, I don't pick up a pencil and pad as much. There's a huge difference. I really need to. Thanks for the inspiration! Enjoyed your post! :)


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