Tuesday, March 19, 2013

up and down

This little cutie is not feeling well. I hate when she's sick. She's had high fevers since yesterday afternoon when my daycare provider called me. But she's still playing and eating when the fever subsides so that is a good sign. No other symptoms which is odd - but I'll take it. We had a nice weekend visiting with my parent's for the holiday. But now that makes me so nervous. My dad had his 4th chemo treatment yesterday. She brightens his spirits and I hate worrying that she is now sick and was with him on the weekend. Sometimes I wish I could escape with my family to Disney world and forget all of it.

Needless to say I haven't had much of a chance to scrapbook these past few days. I have several unfinished layouts from the crop I went to last Wednesday night. I just wasn't feeling it that night and couldn't make any decisions and get in a groove. Depending on how she is doing I may/may not go tomorrow night. Next week I go back to work full-time so I'd like to while I feel I have the energy.

Here's the two layouts I did finish last week...both from Christmas. I have trouble getting into anything Christmas related after the holidays. Come to think of it...that may have been what through me and my motivation off last week!

Christmas Eve...and Day: Two page spread

Guard Christmas
I just need to add the journaling on these layouts. I kept them very simple and less "busy" than I've been leaning toward lately. I mainly wanted to show the pictures with little other distraction. This Christmas was so special I didn't want to have to eliminate photos so I had room for embellishments.

Well...hopefully tomorrow is a better day all around for everyone. I feel blessed but also heavy at the same time. Can anyone relate?


Tracy said...

Awww so sorry your little one isn't feeling her best.
Your layouts are great!

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

Healing thoughts for your sweet girl and your dad. Love your pretty pages!

LauraB whosthischick said...

It's so hard in the little ones when they don't feel well. Great layouts. I see times have such a hard time adding the journaling

Danielle said...

Beautiful pages! Hopefully your little girl will feel better soon!!

Christine said...

Awww...I hope she's feeling better soon.

scrapperjen said...

I can relate! HAng in there.
Wonderful layouts.
Hope your peanut is feeling better soon.

Fleursbydesign said...

Hope your little one is feeling better soon, I always have trouble doing anything Christmas related after Christmas they usually wait until next year :)


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