Thursday, March 21, 2013

my little patient

my little patient...wearing her new hat.
This little lady is still under the weather. I took her to the Doctor today. No ear infection. No red throat. No other symptoms except a very little bit of congestion. Her breathing was fast so they sent her for a chest x-ray. No pneumonia thank goodness. But no answers either. This a.m. her temp was 103'! Once it goes down she's playing and just a little grouchy. They said she still has a fever on saturday to bring her in again. Her regular PCP is on vacation so we had another Dr. who I didn't like as much. Oh well. My husband was able to get coverage for his shift tomorrow because I can't cancel my two classes tomorrow.

Today was also my last day of unemployment. Not a great last week that's for sure with a sick sweetpea. Monday I start my new job. So nervous.

But meantime I finished the funny hat baby girl is wearing in the picture. Literally the fastest knit ever. Finished the hat itself in a few hours. Did the pom poms today...I had never made any so that took a bit of figuring. The pattern was made my the owner of my LYS...which sadly is closing in April. Not cool.

Last night after a worry meltdown I finished up this layout...

I took some of my favorite pictures ever that weekend. They have a tall ship parade on Labor Day weekend. We spent the weekend as tourists in our own town...though unfortunately my husband had to work the entire time. But it was a good memory anyhow. I kept it simple...didn't add to many extras. I love the Uncharted Waters line of paper by Glitz. to continue taking care of the patient!


scrapperjen said...

Cute layout!
I hope she's feeling better soon.
Take care - HUGS!

Sue Althouse said...

Lovely layout, bet that felt good to have some creative time. Hope she is feeling much better soon. That hat is adorable! Good luck with your new job!

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

Even sick, she's adorable, especially in the beautiful hat you made! Wonderful layout too!

Pam W. said...

Best of luck with your new job. Your daughter is adorable! Great photo (and hat!).

~Melissa~ said...

Oh, how I love that picture of her! Love her adorable hat. She's adorable even though you can tell she doesn't feel good - awww!

Fleursbydesign said...

I hope your little one gets better quick, it's always hard when they are under the weather. Good luck on your new job :)


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