Monday, January 28, 2013


playing in her room

 I've been very preoccupied worrying about one of my favorite people in this world. We found out they have to go through surgery and chemotherapy for the second time. Praying and hoping that it works this time. So this week I probably won't be posting very much. That little face in the photo above is helping me and my favorite person immensely!

This weekend while my dh was out with friends on saturday I decided to have a few friends over. One is a beginner scrapper and the other sells her sewing projects on Etsy. We had a quiet craft night. I got two layouts finished for baby girl's book. Yesterday I finished up the journaling. I noticed that in my older books, in some cases, I left the journaling blank to finish later...and never did the journaling! I don't want that to happen from here on out on my pages. are the two layouts. I again used mostly old stash on the first layout but used some of my new stuff on the second.

"Getting ready": I was being lazy when I photographed these and kept them in the page I apologize for the glare...It is pretty simple. I tend to rely on the papers a lot rather than a pile of embellishments. I used some old stash again and kits I had laying around.

"Blessed": This layout is of baby girl before she came home from the hospital. The picture quality is poor because of the hospital lighting. I may reprint them in b&w at some point. She was in the Special Care Nursery/NICU for a week. Minor things....we were lucky but it was so hard. She was born 2/12/12 so many of these were taken on Valentine's Day a few days later. Our little Valentine! I used some new tags I got but most of the rest is old stash.

I'm really in need of some resources for working with 4x6 photos. I used to get a lot of photos printed by and they printed in various sizes. I don't like printing as I go on a home printer. I print photos on snapfish one month at a time. I like the convenience of scrapping with 4x6 since it is a traditional size and I don't have to think ahead about what size I want them printed. I like how my pages turn out if I used 1 or 2 photos or if I crop a few...but in many cases I can't crop the photos down any and I like to include 3-4 photos to really tell the story. Any page map resources that you know of for 4x6 scrapping?

Happy Monday!


Lisa Rukin Swift said...

Sweet photos and pages.

Jennifer Grace said...

Shimelle Laine did a whole blog series in 2011 called '4x6 photo love' - each month she increased how many 6x4 photos were on her project, so in January there was one, in February there was 2, and so on, until december when there were 12 4x6 photos on one layout. You can see the series here: (it appears in reverse).

The photos of your daughter are all really sweet. And I hope things go well for the special someone you are worried about. x

Barbara said...

your dd is so sweet!
Hope all goes well with the one you're worried about.

LauraB whosthischick said...

I was going to suggest Shimelle's class to...but her glitter girl videos are almost all 4x6 photos (1-3 photos)

Ashley Spiller said...

Your DD is so precious. There is a Blog 4x6 Photo Sketch Blog. I am not a big sketch person but I have used a couple of them.

scrapperjen said...

She is darling!
Great layouts, I hope you keep sharing

Danielle said...

Adorable photos and layouts! I truly hope everything goes well with the person you're worried about..


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