Friday, January 18, 2013

Past Year's Projects: Part 2

I promised scrapping and here they are! Not many as I mentioned last time...but a few. I had all intentions of making a full scrapbook of her first year with all my favorite photos. That hasn't happened...though I have kept up with her baby book. That's something!

This first page is one that I actually started way back on maternity leave while the baby was sleeping. It was the first page I had started in over a year. 2011 was a trying year. My dad was diagnosed and treated for cancer, my soon-to-be-husband was at Officer Candidate school for 4 months in MO and I was lost. But in 2012 we were blessed. We got married, had sweetpea, and my dad got a clean bill of health. 2013 is starting out a bit challenging and my goal is allow myself time to do my art projects....

baby announcement spread
I worked on these next pages last week. It was nice to reflect back. A little sad, a little exciting, reminiscing. Sad because it is flying by but exciting because she's here. I was struck looking at pictures of the baby shower how fast it goes! She has already used/worn all of the items in those photos. How did that happen?


Baby Shower: page 1

Baby Shower: Page 2

Baby Shower: Page 3
In the next post I'll share some of my knitting. Knitting has been my mainstay. It is the one art outlet I have been consistently doing besides photos. I knit when I was taking my dad to his treatments, while I was pregnant with baby girl, and when I was home on leave learning how to be her mom. It is my art therapy.

Thanks for stopping by!


Tracy said...

Beautiful layouts.
Time does go to fast, especially when I look at these photos of your adorable baby girl and here mine are 23, 21 and 17...where did the time go.
Knitting is so relaxing, I need to pick up my needles again.

scrapperjen said...

Beautiful layouts!


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