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memories, dreams and reflections...

I found this wonderful challenge on Ashley Sisk's website. The task is to share memories in the form of photos and words according to the 25 different prompts. I love this! So here are mine...


One of the few pregnant pictures I have of me so far. As I write this I am one day past my due date and we are waiting for Miss. Elizabeth's arrival....I can't believe these 9 months have passed so fast.
I Love You

Our first kiss at our wedding this summer, August 14, 2011. I will never forget that day. The ocean. Smell of freesia, lavender, and snapdragons. Cary in his uniform. My mom welcoming him into our family. Dad's toast. First dance. Crying on Dad's shoulder. Strawberry shortcake. A perfect day.
Still Laughing

This picture was taken about an hour before the moment that made me laugh. I don't dance. Anyone who knows me knows this. We were on our honeymoon and had just had breakfast in the Animal Kingdom. As we were leaving, me wearing my wedding mouse ears, a group was gathered around some African dancers. They were looking for audience volunteers. Uh oh. I tried to hide. But the wedding ears gave me away. Cary and I were called up to do the African dance! It was so fun....but thank goodness it isn't caught on film. Only he and I have that memory in our minds!

Winter Wonderland

Last December was so snowy. I got my new camera for Christmas from Cary and had so much fun learning about it and trying some free online photo editing. This is a photo of my parent's back yard....pine trees and snow. Classic New England.

A bittersweet birthday. My dad's 65th on January 11, 2011. He had just gotten through surgery for a colon cancer diagnosis that came 2 days before Christmas. He had surgury 2 days after the holiday. We are all so grateful that this December 2012 he received a clean bill of health after 6 months of chemotherapy. So grateful.


My high school girlfriends have been amazing supports this past year. Through my dad's illness, my wedding and pregnancy. This picture was taken at my baby shower they threw for me this December. I am so happy to have them in my world.

I Was Inspired

The Boston skyline from a local beach. The sky was inspiring and I was practicing with my new camera and some editing. Very little was done to this photo. But this photo reminds me to take time out to appreciate my surroundings, where I live, through the lens of my camera. I need to continue doing that this year.

Spring Fever

In the common near my workplace there is a beautiful line up of red tulips each spring. I made it a point this year to bring my camera to work to capture it. Unbelievable color! They remind me of when I lived in DC. Each spring in DC I always loved to see the red tulips everywhere. Particulalry around the Capitol....striking.
 Travel or Vacation

Our honeymoon. My first baby bump picture. We had an absolutely amazing time. We had never gone anywhere on vacation together so this was an adventure. We are planning on starting a savings account so that we can go back when our soon-to-be-born daughter is a little older.
Summer Days

I associate summer with the color green. Shades of every color of green. And I love how it contrasts with crips white. This photo fits the idea of summer for me.

A Day In My Life

Last winter I went ice skating at the Boston Commons Frog Pond with a friend. I grew up figure skating for 10 years. It had been a long time since I had laced them up. We had so much fun doing something different!
All Smiles

The day I got engaged was surreal. We had been together for 5 years and had been talking about it since soon after we met. But it was finally real....

Autumn Harvest

There is really nothing like living in New England in the fall. Going to the apple orchard. Seeing the foliage on fire. Fields turning gold. Barns. Apple pie. My favorite season.

Family or Home

Us and my family. No other words are needed for me.

While on our honeymoon we had some amazing dinners. This one was at the Contemporary Resort at The California Grill. It was kind of fun receiving the special treatment:)
Let's Do It Again

Disney World. We will be back.
I Miss You

The year 2011 began on a very hard note. My dad's illness and Cary was away at his Engineer Officer School. He was gone from October 2010 - March 2011. It was so difficult despite my visiting for a week in January and he coming home for a weekend in February for a funeral. I hope we aren't apart for that long for many years...

This was my favorite photo of the "Super Moon" we saw this year. Such an beautiful sight.
Dress Up 

Baby clothes! These were the first ones I bought for the little one. At first I bought a few not knowing if it was a girl or a boy. The day I found out Cary had been called away for storm cleanup in Vermont. It was sad he couldn't be there. But my mom came with me and we found out we are having a girl! We followed up the appointment with a trip to Macy's to get a few fancy baby girl outfits. I bought the little purple sweater in the photo.



I always love to plant flowers on my balcony each summer. This year I attempted my birth flower - Morning Glories. A few bloomed and they were so pretty! They remind me of the September birth stone - the sapphire.

Our apartment decorations.


 My Favorite

My favorite photo of 2011. My cousin was our wedding photographer and I absolutely loved this shot. It is timeless.

Don't Ever Change

I'm so excited about becoming a mother. But I would be lying if I didn't admit a worry I have. I worry that I will lose some of my hobbies because of a lack of time and focus on me time. I haven't scrapbooked or done much 2-D artwork since last December. I have been focused on knitting. But I would like to spend some time my art desk. Working on drawings, paintings, scrapbooks...and someday teaching my daughter these hobbies.

Just Because...So There!

My favorite editing job on a photo. I really enjoyed how this photo turned from ordinary to interesting.

Hopes and Dreams

    A new adventure officially began this past May. It marked the end of a very trying time and the beginning of an exciting adventure. It is the perfect photo to end this entry we wait for our baby's arrival any day now....

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