Monday, January 23, 2012

monday gratitudes

Today I am grateful for...
  • Another good Dr. appt today. Only18 more days to go...more or less!
  • Beef stew in the oven.
  • Working from home today writing grad school reccommendations for students.
  • The baby's car seat being easy to install in my car.
  • My mom
  • A sunday date day with my husband for lunch and the movies to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie.
  • Orange Juice. I can't get enough.
  • Knitting. Lots of projects going right now.
  • Getting work done and things crossed off my to-do lists.
  • A half-price sale on Troll Beads at the local Paper Store. Bought my sister this one
aquarius - photo from
          for her birthday tomorrow. And this one for me!

green shadow - photo from

That's all for now! Happy Monday!

1 comment:

scrapperjen said...

Wonderful gratitudes! Hope you are feeling well.


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