Sunday, May 1, 2011

hemlock ring blanket for dad

Hemlock Ring Blanket
 Finished the Hemlock Ring Blanket last weekend. Fun pattern. The center is a little tricky but the rest was straightforward. I had purchased 4 balls of yarn because I saw that someone on Ravelry had used that many of the Ella Rae Yarn. However....partway through the cast-off row I ran out. I ran to the yarn store in town where I bought the yarn last year. Of course I had to buy yarn from a different dye lot but you can't even tell. The picture shows the color a little differently than it looks. It is more of an ocean blue with a slight green tint to it.  Originally it was going to be for Cary and I. But with everything that my Dad is dealing with I decided to make it for him for the days when he isn't feeling well. He loved it!

view of the whole blanket

closeup of the center


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scrapperjen said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!


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