Sunday, January 16, 2011

knitting sneak preview

A sneak preview of my sister's Birthday present I'm working first time doing Fair Isle! My mom taught is so much fun!

Had a really nice weekend. Took my dad out for a walk on Friday, shopping with my brother and sister Friday night and a somewhat extravagent fondue dinner out with my cousin and friends on Saturday night. Today I spent more time with my family for Sunday dinner and gave my sister a ride home. Now it's laundry and a quiet night. I am probably the only New Englander not glued to the Pats game tonight. Hoping to do some more work on my sister's birthday present.

I have not scrapped in months. I really want to. I need to get some photos printed out soon and sit down to work. Maybe in a few weeks I'll have some girlfriends over to scrap...that will help me get back into a groove. I have been spending most of my free time with my dad and family since Christmas. I may still be doing that for awhile. So knitting has been an artistic outlet for me. But I need a little more art of some sort. It is my therapy.

Happy Sunday!

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Sarah C. said...

I like the preview - can't wait to see what the finished gift is. You have a real talent for knitting! :) Glad to hear you had such fun with family this weekend and I hope your Dad is doing well. Appreciate your comments on my photo - definitely join in on that challenge! It's a lot of fun and helping me to learn a lot too.


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