Saturday, October 2, 2010

knitted gift completed

Traveling Woman Shawl
Finished one knitting Christmas gift this past weekend. This one is for my I want to finish my sister's socks. This weekend will hopefully be a chance to relax. It is much needed. There have been some stressful things in my world this week that have caused a great deal of worry. There are still some worries until more answers come next week. But I am focusing on staying positive. I have the apartment to myself this weekend so I'm hoping to get some knitting done, cleaning, maybe some baking. And then going to the movies with my family tomorrow. I will be seeing The Town for the second time. Loved that movie filmed in Boston. Nice to see some authentic Boston accents in a movie!

Happy Saturday!


Sarah C. said...

Gorgeous shawl! You are so talented. :) You should share it in my {Made by Me} Wednesday linky party.

Hope you have enjoyed a wonderful weekend and have those answers you need very soon. ((HUGS))

scrapperjen said...

That is beautiful! I love it!

knitseashore said...

The shawl is gorgeous. Your mom will love it.

I hope you have a more peaceful week and are feeling better soon.


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