Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Day 1

I'm going to try out something for the month of June. A photo-a-day challenge. I want to post one photo each day and write about a piece of that day. A journal of sorts. I decided this a little while ago as I was sitting outside on the balcony watching a thunderstorm roll in. Trying to focus on the positive. My guy left today for almost a month for drill and annual training and I miss him already. I am having some frustrations about other things and trying to get answers. I want to focus on all that I have in my world. A little at a time. I also plan on having some of these little moments to scrapbook about at the end of the month. Some days I want to experiment with photography and my point of view. Other days I want to focus on a story. A moment. So here goes...

Today he left for 20 days. I hate that feeling. I know it could be worse and many tell me it could. He isn't far and he isn't in danger. But still. He's gone. I will refocus and try to relax and enjoy my time away. So after wasting half of my day off, making a stressful phone call and paying rent, I decided to sit outside. I tried reading but felt I needed to get something out. So I did a page in my art journal about how I'm feeling. Art Therapy. Then I could read. But as I was reading I started feeling the wind change. The air change. Thunderstorms coming in. I love that feeling right before a storm. A calmness and anticipation. So I just sat and took it in. An occassional rain drop. Bugs flying around over my head. Seeing my tomato plants and flowers and knowing that for the second time today I would not need to water them. I woke up last night to more thunderstorms. Just like a summer day. I watched the landscapers at the apt complex finishing up a few things. Listened to the distant thunder echo making it sound like it was coming from two directions. Wondering what it must look like only minutes away at the Atlantic Ocean. More raindrops. Still not enough to bring me inside. I sat. Listened. Watched.

Finally, I decided I needed to go in. Lightening always makes me nervous. Reminds me of being a kid and our garage being hit by lightening only feet away from our house. I have seen what it can do. So I went in reluctantly and then the rain began to fall heavier. Well. Now to put in a load of laundry and wait out the storm and see what it brings.

Happy Tuesday.

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Sarah said...

Beautiful photo and post. 20 days is still long in my book even if he's safe. I hope you are able to enjoy the days and they pass quickly. Maybe you can make some plans for a few fun things to do together when he returns. :)


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