Monday, June 28, 2010

monday gratitudes

the back of my summer sweater knit-a-long - Hey Teach

Today I am Grateful for:
  1. My guy being home.
  2. Beach days with my mom. An excuse to do nothing but relax for a few hours.
  3. Time with my mom and sister this weekend doing errands.
  4. My ability to be my own advocate and be persistant.
  5. Netflix movies...I'm hooked on Army Wives and am on Season 2.
  6. Projects to keep my mind busy.
  7. A fridge and cabinets full of food after grocery shopping.
  8. A vacation at home next week to look forward to...much needed.
  9. Birds.
  10. Cable TV.
Happy Monday!


scrapperjen said...

Wonderful list! Your sweater back is pretty - can't wait to see it.
Enjoy your vacation.

knitseashore said...

YAY for #1! I am with you on beach days. Must get there this weekend myself. It has been calling me.


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