Thursday, June 10, 2010

i quit

french sculpture of a child drawing

So I have already failed my self-imposed photo-a-day challenge. I'm not feeling well the past few days so it was hard to keep up with. So I quit. I don't quit often. But anyhow...I have had a few days this month that I took a lot of great photos I didn't share yet! So I've included one from my recent trip to the art museum. I loved this little statue. It represents something I hold close...childhood and art.

So that is it for me today! Happy Thursday!


Sarah said...

What a sweet photo! Don't be so hard on yourself with the picture taking. I know how it can be. I was trying the 365 last year and missed several days. Never officially finished it, but may go back and add the photos to an album anyhow.

scrapperjen said...

I love that photo. I keep saying I want to do that too but so far - it hasn't happened. Maybe I'll make it a goal for next month.


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