Monday, May 17, 2010

monday gratitudes

Yesterday Cary and I went to the plant nursery and he bought me some plants and flowers for the balcony. I love planting things and trying my hardest to keep them going! Last year it was pretty successful. So we got flowers for a few pots and I also got a few veggies. Last year I had a tomato plant and a pepper plant. The tomatoes got the blight but the peppers did well. This time I got two tomatoes, a different kind of pepper and some lettuce. I need to get some bigger pots. Not sure they will do well, might be too crowded, but we'll see. I want to spread out the peppers a bit. I have six seedlings in one medium size, long pot. I'd like to get another pot the same size and transplant three of the seedlings.

Anyhow...this has been one of the most relaxing, fun weekends I have had in a really long time! I had a 4-day weekend. (One of the things I do love about having two jobs and one of them being a college teacher!) We went out to dinner, bought some summer shorts for me in Old Navy (which is one of my guy's least favorite things but he went voluntarily and helped me pick out a few things), went to the plant nursery, picked up a few things at Target and had fun wandering around. We also just took time hanging out at home and relaxing a bunch. Watching movies, cooking dinners, was a really nice weekend! I also took an afternoon and went to Home Goods to buy a covered basket for my knitting so I don't have to stare at all my unfinished projects while sitting on the couch. And I also went to my LSS and got a few treats and came home to make some cards for an upcoming craft fair. I am hoping that today I will get my snapfish order so I can do a little scrapping later.

Today I started off my week with breakfast outside, enjoying my plants and the sun. I also saw a hummingbird come by looking for my feeder....which I haven't put out yet! I heard they keep returning to the same spot where a feeder has been. So I better buy some sugar so I can set up the feeder! a way this entire entry will serve as my "Monday Gratitudes" for the week! I am feeling content, relaxing and grateful this morning.

Happy Monday!

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knitseashore said...

I'm so grateful we are at the time of year for planting and gardening and being outdoors. It is the most wonderful therapy, fresh air and sunshine and getting your hands in the dirt. My garden is just getting started -- all the plants are very young -- but I will be so pleased if I can have a bloom or two by the end of the summer! It also makes me want to get out the sketchbook soon.

Glad you had such a great restful weekend!


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