Monday, April 26, 2010

monday gratitudes

view of the Atlantic from a castle in my hometown

Today I am grateful for....

  • having the craziness of last week behind me.

  • feeling rested today after a nap and going to bed early yesterday.

  • teaching my last class of the semester today. My 3rd year teaching is complete. Now for grading!

  • having learned how to explain myself in a confident manner and stick by my words.

  • being taught to work hard and follow directions.

  • the opportunity to host some of my guy's friends overnight and show them where I am from.

  • time spent near the ocean this weekend.

  • bad, reality television allowing me to escape for awhile.

  • Cashew caramel cookies from Trader Joe's.

  • the Iris bouquet on my coffee table.

  • my education.

  • money to pay my bills.

  • confidence.
I'll post some more pictures this week from my weekend....walked on the beach, went to my friend's husband's 40th birthday (yikes!), looked around a castle (played tourist in my hometown) and tried to catch up on some sleep after an exhausting week at both jobs. This week will continue to be hectic and busy...hoping for some time to start slowing down later this next weekend...

Happy Monday!


    knitseashore said...

    Time spent by the ocean is always good! My husband and I try to ride our bikes near it whenever we can.

    ter@waaoms said...

    hi there, I just popped by to meet you, your blog was featured in my interview with Sarah C.!

    I'll come back and have a peek around your blog when it's not way past my bedtime! :)


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